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Originally Posted by MRT2 View Post
Eventually, yes. Enthusiasm for cycling goes in waves. Last year the pandemic caused a mini cycling boom as people stopped going to gyms and were looking for an outdoor activity they could do and socially distance. But some people will give up on cycling and sell their bikes eventually.

But if you want to start riding, you probably don't want to wait until next year or the year after to get started.

The thing about used bikes and why you don't want to spend too much is risk. I just spent over $250 on my own bike that was totally unexpected. Most was on a new wheel, and back tire, but my mechanic also recommended i replace the bottom bracket, and some shift cables and cable housings. And next year, my bike will need a new chain, cassette, and brake pads, so hopefully next year's repair costs will only be around $100 to $150. My point though is, even a well maintained bike will need some money put into it every year.
That makes sense on both subjects. Maybe the bike boom will come back down when it's time for me to upgrade in a year or two once I get comfortable with whatever I find now. It's much more difficult to buy used when you don't know what you are looking for. I'm just worried that I will get hosed. This is my 10th post I guess, so I should be able to post a link to anything I'm considering starting tomorrow (the 5 per day rule means this is my last post of the day).
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