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Originally Posted by unterhausen View Post
So I guess I will not be able to interest you in my gravel 200K?
Everyone has finished it so far, although we did have a crash on the first scouting ride.
Very difficult on 25mm tires on recumbent that is not only laid back but the CG also down low making balance doubly more challenging. There is gravel and there is gravel. Towpath along the Delaware is tame. Some Forest Service roads? I would want to be in a lifted off road motor vehicle although you will see cyclists on them. A recumbent that has wider tires, a more upright seat angle, and a higher overall position would be more suitable and doable for a younger buck. I went into a "gravel" section on a brevet and immediately flatted both tires and went down and I have to admit, this was the only brevet that I ever quit. I was not really hurt that bad, I was sick and tired of riding a recumbent and always being in pain. I am not proud, I gave up. I like dirt roads on uprights but I just am not skilled or it could be a vestibular thing, loose gravel gets me. The gravel was largish chunks of granite usually reserved for the first layer of a highway. There is no way to unweight or maneuver like on an upright. I like the DC crowd handles gravel or at least as I remember. They give you two options with the road option the longer one and maybe more climbing. Thanks for the invite, it is more than I can handle and I understand it is a bit hilly, too.
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