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Stupid mistake! :(

Oh dear.

For years, I have used a chain tool to take the chain off. Just pop the rivet most of the way through, clean and lube the chain and then pop the rivet back through, and ease it. Job done.

Very occasionally, I have undone the magic link using the needle-nosed pliers trick, but found it too much faff.

This last week, I finally got round to buying the proper pliers for undoing a magic link. "This'll save time and fuss," I thought.

Sure enough, the chain came off in half a second. I popped it straight into the pot of degreaser, slooshed it around and left it to stand while I was cleaning the jockey wheels and chain rings.

Then the next part of my process: removing the degreaser, which has always started by swinging the chain gently to let centrifugal force do its job.
It turns out that quite a small amount of centrifugal force can make half a magic link go a very long way.

Temporary fix, I've had to shorten the chain until I can get a pack of new magic links.
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