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Originally Posted by Nyah View Post
I been considering the purchase of a KHS F20-JJ folding bicycle, for conversion to drop-bars. Since I see many other folding bicycles that appear to use this same technology, I thought that I might be able to get some info about the system as a whole, from this forum. This bicycle has a 1&1/8 threaded headset. I believe that it has a quill handlepost, and that a threadless stem is employed to secure the handlebars. This system would be all different from what the Dahon Speed (a threadless headset in conjunction with something other than a threadless stem) employs. So I'm curious about some things:

1. The handlepost on this bicycle folds to the outside. Can that be easily changed on these quill handleposts, so that it folds to the inside? Just loosen it up, rotate it around to whichever angle I want it to fold to and then tighten it back up?

2. How much height adjustment range does this system allow?

3. And an unrelated question: I don't see any magnet holding the fold together. Assuming that it doesn't include anything to hold the fold together, is there any way to make this happen so that I can roll it while in folded mode?

1. No. The angle will be completely wrong. But replacements are easy to come by.
2. dunno
3. Velcro straps are idiot-proof and hold better than magnets.
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