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Originally Posted by veganbikes View Post
I don't really carry a chain tool most of the time unless I am touring or maybe on the mountain bike but beyond that I don't really want to carry a ton of tools. My road seabag which I use for my ti road bike and my fixed gear and single speed is small and doesn't have a ton of room so a chain tool doesn't need to take up that precious space.
I have a small multi tool with allen keys, a couple wrenches, and a chain tool. The body of this tool, to which all these different bits are attached, splits apart and can be used as two tire levers. I can fit this tool, a spare tube, and a patch kit into a small seat bag.

There are dozens of different styles of multi-tools and many have a chain tool built in - a chain tool is the one thing that a well-stocked non-bike workshop is unlikely to have, and is very difficult to substitute for any other item. Here's one:

A broken chain is uncommon, but unless you have a chain tool you are probably walking home if it happens. I did once manage to partially put a chain back together with two rocks, and made it just strong enough to get me to a house where someone was working in the garage and could lend me some pliers to bring the chain strength from 5% up to maybe ~50% of a good one.
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