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Hi Octavianandrei,

Can I ask why you want to remove your crank and bottom bracket to clean it? Also, where are you located that your local store cannot help you? This should be very straight forward.

Also, the correct terminology is crankset and bottom bracket, hub is the part that is in the center of a wheel. There is a saying "Don't try to fix a working part". Is your current bottom bracket in need of replacement or deep cleaning?

You only need a large metric 6 sided allen key to remove your crank, just turn it counter-clockwise (to the left) and the non-drive side crank arm will come off of the spindle. The ring with the 6 holes is the self extractor, you don't need to remove that, but if you are interested, those are installed and removed with a pin spanner. As you loosen the bolt, it pushes up against that self extractor ring and will push the crank arm off the spindle.

The type of bottom bracket that you have is BB86, it is a press fit bottom bracket, there are very specific tools required to remove and install them. I do not recommend removing them for cleaning, unless you are going to be installing new bearings afterwards. Removing sealed cartridge bearings puts a lot of pressure on the inner bearing races and is considered destructive removal. You only do it if you have replacement bearings to for the reassembly.

Peace and bike grease.
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