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Originally Posted by Octavianandrei View Post
Thanks for all these details!When I pedal, it squeaks. That's why I thought I'd take it out. clean and grease it. This is a current problem, but in the next period, I have to mount another one crankset. I have 172.5mm and I need 170mm . I try to remove only the crank first.
When I change crankset, will I have to go to bearings and the ring with 6 holes?

Thank you for all tips!
I would still like to know where you are located and why your local shop cannot help you.

Before you do anything to the cranks and bottom bracket, there are a lot of reasons why there can be noise or squeaking when pedaling. I would try to figure that out first before you start doing very dramatic changes. Creaking noises when pedaling could be; loose chain ring bolts, very worn chain, chain that is too dry and under lubricated. It could also be loose pedal bearings or a worn out bottom bracket. Even a dry seatpost interface can make noise.

If you are changing the cranks from 172.5mm to 170mm, as long as the bottom bracket bearings are still okay, you just install the replacement cranks and tighten everything back up. No need to touch the self extractor (6 hole ring), just leave the original in place and your replacement cranks will have their own.

From what you are describing, it sounds like you don't have a lot of experience with this, I would really recommend having a shop do the installation for you. Or, for you to do as much reading and research before you tackle this.
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