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a bit of a coincidence, but I had an issue with one of my own tires that I had put in storage for a few years.
It was actually a set of wheels with the same tires that I'd been using when I had decided to change to a set of wheels with wider tires.
The old tires were in good shape with little wear. No degradation was obvious, and they were being stored in the same room where I keep all of my spare tires (a spare bedroom).

Well, I was about 18 miles into the ride and on the way home when I felt a bit of a vibration. I had just turned onto a different road, so it might have just been undulations in the road surface, but I pulled over and took a quick look. The bulge in the tire suggested some broken cords, so I let a little air out (to avoid more cords breaking), and headed for the shortest route home.

I got within a mile of home when the tube blew. When I stopped and looked closer, I could see that there were some sections of tread coming off of the cords. Not good, and I thought about it during the walk home. (thank goodness it was a bike with SPD pedals!)

When I had time to pull the tire off and take a closer look, I discovered that it wasn't just the tread delaminating from the cords, the cords had also delaminated from the tire's interior surface! I think the tube must have pushed between the layers of the cords or just pushed around them.

I haven't looked in my records to see if I can figure out when I put these tires on. No idea when they were made... although these are Michelin Pro 3, and I know I've got some Pro 4 tires in a different size, so maybe these were old stock when I got them?

This isn't to suggest that this will happen with other tires, but I suppose that this sort of problem, if it will happen, will be less likely when new (just a guess).

At the other end of the scale, I've got the Vittoria Giro D'Italia tubulars that came with my '74 Raleigh International. The tread is still bonded to the cords and it still holds air. I'm not brave enough to actually ride on them, though!

Steve in Peoria
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