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Originally Posted by unterhausen View Post
The 200k in question has been finished at least twice on a recumbent, although that bike has reasonable size tires, 50mm or so. Granted, the crash on the scouting ride was also the recumbent.
I tried to get it up to 9000 feet of climbing, but couldn't do it without making it longer. Not a towpath
I finished it 3 times officially for RUSA credit and one time informally (the last time we scouted it and when we were still questioning the feasibility of you and I riding it within the time limit). The earlier scouting ride crash was bad judgment on my part. Crossing the crown of a recently re-graded dirt and gravel road at relatively high speed without sitting up was stupid. You live and learn. I used 42mm tires because that was the fattest that would fit in the fork. Something fatter would be better.
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