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Originally Posted by 63rickert View Post
Donít do it. Samples seen on these shores have been abysmal. Application of large amounts of skilled time will not make these into rideable bikes. Even if you were able to get one vaguely operable the aesthetics are pathetic.

You are in Australia? The Flying Pigeon is loosely based on old Raleigh Shanghai DL-1s. In Oz it should be no trouble at all finding a used real Raleigh DL-1.

My daily ride past fifteen years has been a DL-1 built by Eastman in Delhi. Eastman being part of the leftovers from the old Raleigh Atlas factory. Had it not been assembled and completely reworked by the Yellow Jersey shop in Madison, Wisconsin Iíd have had no chance. Yellow Jersey has attempted to complete Flying Pigeons for customers who brought them in. Yellow Jersey has long been known for being able to make any strange thing functional. They gave up on Flying Pigeons.

I have seen what the Eastmans looked like as originally received. I have seen what the Flying Pigeons look like when received. No comparison.

Mine is a fully functional rider because it has been re-fitted with cantilever brakes. Rod brakes mostly plain donít work. Functional rod brakes did exist. Top end bikes built in many countries in the 1930s and 1940s had beautiful rod brakes. When rod brake bikes became low-end bikes the first thing to be built too darn cheap was the brakes. The big exception to that was Italy, where the Tipo R brakes are still good enough.

Any basket case older Raleigh, Bianchi, Atala, Umberto Dei, in the general style you are looking for is a better starting point than a new Flying Pigeon.

thanks, you are a wealth of information

I love Italian design but did not know China had been making these for 70 years and found the history very interesting
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