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Here is what I'd tell you about whether it's worth it.

Crane derailleurs pre-date Shimano's top-level "Dura Ace" mechs. They're extremely high quality, precise, easy to tune, and hold a tune for many miles longer than other mechs of the era.
If made in Germany, in general, most of the items you see coming out of W Germany were built to last, tight tolerances, and finished with pride.
The paint looks awesome. The bike is in exceptional looking shape. The high flange alloy hubs, the chrome fork tips and chrome socks, the excellent paint, the bike looks exceptional.

My only concerns:
Is the stem (the part holding the handlebar) out too far, you may see a "MIN" and "MAX" (minimum/maximum) line, confirm it's not out too far past the MIN line.
The position of the seat is a bit odd. It should be a bit closer to level with the top tube. If it's comfortable to ride like this, you may want to consider adjusting the seat post down a bit, then levelling the seat.
The handlebars may need to be rotated a bit. Most people will have the ends of the bars in a position between pointing at the rear axle and parallel to the ground.

Aside from these concerns, I think you possibly under-paid for this bike, in this condition. I have no doubt you could easily sell this tomorrow for 150-175 . But really, what you need to do now is ride it.

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