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Bike rack selection

So just got a new car and had a hitch installed with the specific purpose of getting a bike rack. I love the Thule platform I use on my wifes car but it is a bit to mount as it's a trunk mount. Once on it's great but trunk does not open ez and wife does not like leaving it on so ...

Now I'm looking for a platform not a hanger .... now looking at a KAC E2 which from reviews and all looks decent. What I'm wondering about is how a Thule (for example) goes for almost $600 while this KAC runs under 2. I'm sure Thule is good quality and all but I'm not a pro .. this is for simple weekend cycling use (my favorite ride is with my two daughters on one of our great county trails thru parks .. ending at .... a beer garden .. so ya see .. recreational riding.

All kidding aside I buy good stuff when I can see it's worth it .. I'm just not seeing what makes the Thule (or Saris, etc) worth that much more .. what am I missing?
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