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I forget the precise name - too many letters and numbers - but I think mine is the Thule XT Pro T2, or something like that. Probably the one you are talking about, as it was about $600. And it is good.

Before you try to save money by buying a no-name (never heard of KAC) cheapie rack, consider the value of the bikes you will be carrying. If they are cheap, too, no problem - unless the rack might let them go at highway speeds.

PS: I looked up the rack you mentioned, and it is a different type than the Thule -- the KAC clamps down on the frame's top tube, and the Thule (and the 1UP that Elvo mentioned) clamp on the wheels. The former type will work better if your bikes have fenders, while the latter type are favored by people with nice paint jobs on their frames.

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