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It comes down to comfort level and how you plan to use the bike. A standard frame can be difficult to manage when making a quick stop and having to straddel the top tube of the frame and more of a concern for men than for women. In a city where one may have someone all of a sudden come in front of you, a step through is helpful. Same goes for putting anything on the rear of the bike like a rack with some groceries or other items. Tough to get the leg all the way over the rear to dismount quickly. If you plan on wearing long pants and conventional shoes than a step through is easier to manage as compared to someone in shorts and or bicycling shoes.

Step through frames are heavier and so with non motorized bikes, the standard triangle frame has been more popular. The first really popular trail motorbike was the Honda Trail 90 introduced in 1964 and it had a step through frame. With e-bikes we are going back to the small ICE trail bikes of this era.

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