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Originally Posted by Riveting View Post
Nice setup. Though I personally wouldn't route any wires inside/under the fender. There's too many rocks and sticks flying around inside that space at high speeds and with a lot of torque, which could snag/cut/short the tail light wire. I rely on my dynamo to provide light in the pitch black, and wouldn't want a rock or stick to jeopardize that.
Originally Posted by fourfa View Post
I agree with that, on my last tour I was brought to a halt twice by unavoidable gooey debris in the road (once regular old mud, once thick fresh cowpies) which packed up the inside of the fender and physically stopped the bike. Had to remove the fender to get going again. Personally I think I might run the wire on the outside of the fender with a similar tape/glue scheme. But I do get that this way looks cleaner.

Super clean and simple overall, thanks for sharing the build
Thank you for your input. This bike is anticipated to be used almost exclusively on pavement. In my region it is extremely rare for a paved road to be covered with manure. I occasionally ride this bike on a couple of local rail trails, but not when it is muddy.

And, there is a lot of space between the fender where my taillight is mounted and the tire. The first photo that shows the whole bike, that shows a small gap between the fender and tire, but that is hard to see in that photo so I cropped that photo to show that better, here:

I like as much room between my fenders and tire as I can manage, within reason, for the same reasons that you cite.

I have three touring bikes, one of which I glued the wire inside the fender three years ago. That bike I consider to be my light touring bike, that bike has a titanium frame. Only use that for routes that are almost exclusively for paved touring. Sometimes I ride that bike on local rail trails, but only when I anticipate minimal mud.

My medium duty touring bike, I only use battery powered taillights. Routes with significant gravel like rail trails are the ones I use with that bike, or use that bike if the load will be heavier than my light touring bike. That bike has fenders, but no wiring in them.

My heavy duty expedition bike is an S&S coupled bike, when I travel with that bike I have to disassemble it for packing for air travel, and reassemble latter. That is a hassle and I no longer use dyno powered lighting on that bike, instead I only use the dynohub for battery charging. The only wiring attached to the bike is along the fork from the hub, the Sinewave gets attached to the frame or to my handlebar bag bracket. Use battery taillights on that bike, headlamp is powered with a USB cable and is strapped to handlebar with an elastic when I need it..
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