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This is great - you have done it a time or two. Sounds like you live in the area (or have at one time).

I am planning on starting in SLO and ride Harris Grade into Lompoc (yay! Lompoc!), then next day down to SB on 101. To turn around and backtrack on 101 would be a sin of some kind, despite getting to see the ocean up close again. It's up and over the Santa Ynez hills or bust. My wife will probably be following in a rented pickup so no luggage to carry. I'm going for broke, in the granny gear.

Riding 154 all the way is out of the question. It turns into blood alley as far as I am concerned. I would love to go over the summit to ride the old Stagecoach Road and get a snack at Cold Springs. But there is nowhere to go from there except into danger.

I climbed Mt. Diablo in northern Cal a few years ago and did alright. RWGPS says that is comparable, but I'm pretty sure they don't take the dirt on West Camino Cielo into account. I'll plan on a few breaks to look at the Channel Islands and dig out more water. Is the surface loose dirt? At least when you were there? Things can change overnight on the coast. It may rain in October which would be a drag. I met a guy with a Santa Barbara Search & Rescue baseball cap and asked him about the road, and he said he routinely picked up people on Camino Cielo. So don't say zero support!
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