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Thanks fishboat,

I just ordered the GK Slicks in 35c from Bikesmiths. They have a $5 off coupon which gave me a pair for $68 shipped. Those GP5000s sound nice and good rolling but I just don't feel comfortable with much under a 35c.

Anybody know what's different with the Plus version outside of being a bit tougher? I notice in 35c they are about 40g heavier per tire.

Now I need to get faster so I can catch up to my new tires.

Edit #3/Update: Ok, I screwed up and ordered tubeless tires. I thought tubeless compatible meant they could be used for tubed as well but after emailing Panaracer tech support, who got back to me in a timely fashion, about what tire pressure, I was told the 35c tires don't come in a tubed version and I made a mistake. I'm an idiot/semi-newb, I get it, so I'm punting and stashing my GK Slicks for my next bike and looking for Continental GP5000s in 32c now. They are out of stock everywhere but it looks like in a weekish some will be in. I don't want to attempt the tubeless conversion and after reading a bit, I think I'll be good with a 32c over a 35c.

Thanks again for the excellent input everyone.

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