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Originally Posted by deepakvrao View Post
Hi guys,

Need some pics of how people fit in 2 road bikes in a sedan. I know plenty do it, but could not find any threads with a search. Would be grateful. Thanks
I don't have any pics, but I can tell you that you can put 2 road bikes in the back seat/trunk area of a Nissan Stanza or Toyota Corolla, really easy.

Fold forward the seat backs of the rear seats, remove the front wheels of both bikes. Lay the first bike in the trunk, drive side up and rear wheel forward, close to the driver's seat back. It may help to shift the bike to the left (driver's side) as you do this. A piece of cardboard on top of the first bike before the next one goes inside is a good idea, prevents scratches. The second bike goes in front fork first, drive side up, closer to the passenger side of the car. Turn the handlebars as needed to fit but don't force anything. Another piece of cardboard on top of the drive train, then add the front wheels wherever it makes sense to do so.

It may help for a second person to lift and guide to bikes as they enter the passenger area from the trunk.
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