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Bike trainer conundrum

Hi folks,

This is my first post on the forum! Cycling newbie here. I've been riding a Trek Marlin 6 for the last year and in love with the whole biking experience! I've decided it's time to get a bike trainer so I can get in better shape, up my biking game, and cycle on the (many) bad weather days in upstate NY. Buttttt .... I've run into some issues! Purchased a Kickr snap to use on Zwift, got it all hooked up to my Marlin, and only then realized that the knobby tires on the Marlin are a no-go. So I've got a few options but none of them seem really ideal. Can you more experienced folks help me think about what would be best?

Option1 - upgrade to a Kickr or Kickr Core. Downside 1 - need to buy and install an 8 speed 34 cog cassette, which is super hard to find! Downside 2 - the whole take the wheel on and off thing seems scary! Downside 3 - Have to take it on and off constantly if I want to bike indoors some days and outdoors some days.

Option 2 - Keep the Kickr Snap, buy another bike to go on it. Downside 1 - expensive Downside 2 - may take a while to find the right used bike. Upside - super convenient to keep a bike on the trainer!

Option 3 - Keep the Kickr Snap, buy a trainer wheel for it. Downside 1&2 - Taking the wheel on and off all the time Downside 3 - difficult to find a trainer wheel to fit my bike, do I need a cassette too and getting everything to be compatible seems hard! Upside - cheaper

Option 4 - Change my Marlin tire(s) to ... something else that works both outdoors and indoors. Downside 1 - what the heck kind of tire would this be? Slick tires would be bad because I like to ride on all kinds of rough trails. I saw some inverted tread/city tires (Drifter City?) - maybe these would work? Upside - cheaper

Option 5 - get an actual exercise bike downside 1 - want to use zwift, but bikes that work with it are super expensive. downside 2 - I have fairly specific bike needs because of a hip joint implant and overweight and worried that a exercise bike wouldn't feel right/fit well.

Any thoughts about options? I'm super confused. Thinking I may consult with my bike shop and see if they could figure out a tire swap (option 4) that may work but I'm worried we'll go to all that trouble and then either the tires won't be any good for rough trails or they will still not be right for the Kickr.
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