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Screeching Brakes on Vintage MTB

Hey everyone -

So my 1987 Bridgestone MB-3 recently starting howling like crazy when I brake. The pads are Kool Stop Eagle 2s Salmon Compound which I put on 4 months ago and maybe 300 miles. They were a little squeaky when I first installed them, but quieted down. Recently, they got really really bad. I have the pads toed in which helped a bit but it is still rather loud. Especially after a section of more frequent braking, like a 3-5 minute downhill section, they are unbearably loud.

My wheels are a bit out of true, but they always were on this bike and have not gotten any worse in that regard, while the brake squeal has.

Is this likely an alignment / toe issue? I don't know how much more I can toe them in. Or are these specific pads just prone to this? If so, what pads should I look at instead?

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