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Originally Posted by surak View Post
Definitely get a wheel-off trainer. You don't need a 34t 8 spd cassette if you're Zwifting. You can get pretty much any 8sp cassette and just adjust the in-game difficulty setting downward if you need lower gearing. And taking a wheel off is really no big deal, just get comfortable doing it and you'll wonder why you worried about it in the first place.
Thanks for the response! Just thinking a bit more about this option - let's say I buy a random 8 speed cassette. The one I see online that I could get quickly is an 11-28t Shimano. My bike is an 8sp 11-34t. It sounds like what you are saying is that I could get the wheel-off trainer (kickr core), install the 11-28t Shimano, and then there wouldn't be an issue with my putting my bike on it even though it currently has an 11-34 cassette? I was worried there could be a compatibility issue with the chain not fitting properly on the 11-28. I guess I don't really understand "adjust the in-game difficulty ... lower gearing". Could you explain a little bit more for a newb? Thanks for the vote of confidence about taking the wheel off - that's what I was thinking too, people do it all the time so I should be able to teach myself to do it and no biggie.
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