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So I finally got a chance to take if for a short spin. Initial reactions are the bike is a good deal for the money.

I wanted to ride exactly out of the box and did that and while there is nothing that would have to be changed, meaning it's probably fine for a lot of people right out of the box, but I have some issues due to Arthritis, so I had to change a few things to adapt it to me.

Iíve been riding my 7D and I really like the upright laid back positioning so I wanted something like it but a little more capable off the paved paths. I'm not going to be blasting down a mountainside but just have some nasty roads. Iíll breakdown the changes and add a list and links for anyone thatís interested.

I installed a stem extender and changed the stem to bring the bars up and closer. I did have to cut about 3/8 of an inch off the stem extended, I couldíve gotten an extra spacer but this was easier.

I felt the brake levers on my 7D were sloppy and bought some Shimano ones for it and then put them on the Mongoose and the ones from the Mongoose on the Electra. The ones on the Mongoose were ok but I had these so they got swapped. They came with new cables and housing but I left the stock ones for now.

The pedals were ok but I like grippy pedals and bought some RockBros Pedals. So I took it for another ride and the positioning was a lot better for me, not as upright as the 7D but close.

I love the way it just rolls over stuff. Rocks that would probably toss the Electra our just get run over. I have the tires set at 15psi and you ca take them down to 4-5psi and it feels like driving a monster truck. Shifting is a little weird, more different than my older Rapid fires as you use your thumb for up and down vs thumb and forefinger but not a big deal.

The only downside and this is partly me wanting a more upright position and partly the bike. The seat post is a little short. I have it at max extension and I would really like it a little higher. This is more of an issue for me because my knees have problems, Most people would probably be fine as is. Also now that the bars are moved and I'm more upright the seat isnít great for this positioning.

I ordered a longer post and in my case I'm going to swap over my Brooks B135 from the Electra and use it so I ordered an older style type post. I love the B135 on the Electra and Im going look into getting another Brooks later, maybe a B66/67, a FLyer or another B135 (Damn they've gone up in price!!) . I've spent my allowance for this month. Lol

Parts list and a few pics.

Stem extender








Stem extender. $12

Stem $12

Pedals $25

Seat Post $13

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