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Originally Posted by phughes View Post
Once again, completely irrelevant if he pumps the tires up to the max pressure. That is all I am saying.
That's right.

Ironically, even sidewall indicated *min* pressure can be excessive as well if the rider is light enough. If I remember correclty, OP weighs 60 kilos.

I weigh 125 lbs and my calculated inflation pressure is considerably lower than my 35mm wide tires min pressure. Calculated is 45 back, 39 front in psi. Min pressure of my tire is 60 psi while max is 90 psi.

I once inflated the back tire to 60 psi (min pressure) for carrying groceries but when the groceries are gone, the ride was incredibly harsh and kept bouncing around. I let some of the air out to get pressure back to 40 psi.
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