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Originally Posted by speedy25 View Post
Thanks for posting the link.
1.SO they have a 10 speed cassette with an 11 speed chain?? WHats with that. Use a link that is correct for the chain.
It is all 11-speed 105, except for an Ultegra rear derailleur.

Edit: I just found what you saw. It is a typo.

2. Lube? While many like waxes, I find they really dont give enough lubrication, and I think that would be especially true for an e-bike. Search out the Finish Line e-bike lube or some other premium lube to mid-drives.
3. All the battery people who are trying to get the most out of their batteries say to wait until the battery is near the end of its charge, and charge to 80%. But if you are going on a long ride and your battery is at 50%, by all means charge it to the max.
That is what I had heard, too. iPhones for that reason apparently learn your habits and only charge to 80% until an hour before you are in the habit of disconnecting it from a charging cable.

But the Bosch generic manual (which I found after posting the OP) makes no mention of any of this.

4. Use the gear you would normally use when climbing hills. While the motor will help you, you will put excessive strain on the chain and cassette that will make it wear faster. You'll understand when the highest gear starts skipping.
Nice looking bike. I hope the wife gets lots of enjoyment from it.
She badly injured her knee and the surgeon advised it was inoperable (apart from replacement), so she is rather happy to be able to ride again. We have very steep hills here, which I find quite hard (without any such issues apart from age).
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