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Try the larger rear cog first, if you can find one that'll fit. It will be the cheapest and easiest way to pedal more easily; the cog plus some extra chain and you're done.

I checked the specs and the Newsboy uses heavy gauge spokes, something you are unlikely to find in a 3-speed rear wheel. Also, you'd probably have to build the wheel anyway since most 3-speeds are not built on 2.125 rims. A shop could order the stuff and build the wheel, and probably drill the spoke holes oversize for thicker spokes if you want the wheels to match, and assemble everything. It's been years since I worked in shops but that sounds like a couple hundred dollars (IF you can get the parts these days) and maybe full payment in advance for the special order.

Not impossible, but maybe more than you want to get into.

You can also use a smaller chainwheel with the same rear cog.

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