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Originally Posted by trailflow1 View Post
If you can feel any notchiness. One or both the bearings could have damage and will need replacing. That could be contributing the extra resistance when you tighten the crank. More pressure is put on the damaged bearing(s) causing it to bind up.

or try removing the 1 spacer and wavy washer completely. Nothing bad is going to happen. It will give you a better idea if they are needed or not. If you remove them, and find there is side-to-side play of the crank. But the bearings still feel notchy. That says there is a problem with the bearings.

If instead, the crank spins freely and smoothly. That suggests the wavy washer and/or spacer are causing it to tighten up.
Wave washer should stay as it is the only thing stopping lateral movement of spindle. If you remove it, you need to find exact number of washers to compensate the fixed length of the spindle/crank setup.

BB30 spindles and cranks are fixed length. When they are tightened (at the superhuman torque of 40Nm - not yet achieved by mortals) it is final and you have to fill the gaps between both sides.
For BB30A Cannondale One crank for example with 109L spindle you have
- 10mm star shaped crank sockets NDS side
- 16mm star shaped crank sockets DS side
- 2.6mm DS washer
- 73mm of BB30A shell
- 2.5mm NDS washer
4.9mm gap from the NDS side that needs to be filled with 1 up to 3 0.5mm plastic washers and the wave washer.
This as per Cannondale's designs and it works.

Shimano has variable length by tightening the preload screw on the NDS and with a small hack (reversing the knotch clip of the NDS arm) you can play around for old school frames.

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