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Originally Posted by FelixScout View Post
So I do not know if this is the proper place for this material but here goes.

About a month ago my LBS announced it was going to shut down after about 47 years in operation since the owner was looking forward to retirement, but there still would be a store. You see, it was to become a Trek store, and is one now since it just reopend. They kept some of the stock, offered all the employees their jobs with most accepting, and will change the name and affiliation.

And I do not know how I feel about this. On one side, I'm happy the store is still there in some form since it is in a good location basically just off a bike path and only mile from my house. And I have used it more since the other LBS near me scaled back their hours extensively. On the other side, I wish it was continuing as an independent operation of high quality since i worry by becoming brand specific that means they limit their ability to work with owners of other bikes.

Maybe I'm also spoiled formerly living in large urban areas with a healthy number of LBS stores catering to many different segments. Who knows.

Thoughts on the shift?

P.S. here is the store in question:
I guess time will tell, but you might as well get used to Trek or Bontrager branded products, which in an of itself isn't a bad thing. More to the point though, if the store is more of a corporate store, will you lose the personal connection you had when the place was locally run? You might, or might not. Try them out and post back your experience.
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