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Originally Posted by tNuvolari View Post
Well, within reason. I mean I haven't gone crazy with tightening as I'm trying to stay within the appropriate spoke tension. But whether the spokes are basically untensioned compared to one side at 75% compared to both sides at about 90% compared to one side at 100% to the other side at 100%, there is barely any difference. And I can't even tell which side to tighten to move the hub one way. From what I've observed, it seems you tighten the opposite side from the direction you want the hub to move but I'm not even sure of that because the movement is barely noticeable.

It is now around 8-10mm difference from one side to the other as far as the dish which is fairly extreme, I would think. I assume it should ideally be close to 0 or maybe 2-3mm max.
Then methinks you should practice on something a more prosaic than a Campagnolo Proton. The brand of wheel doesn't change the principle, but exotics are definitely more difficult to work on.

Are you even using a truing stand or a dishing tool?
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