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Originally Posted by Badger6 View Post
Swapping stems on the FS2.0 requires removal of the knob, you've described. Are you sure it is broken, and simply not re-installed properly? When it is installed, there is a set screw that must be turned with a 1.5mm Allen key and tightened to 2Nm (18in-lbf). Check that first, you may be fine, they simply didn't tighten it correctly.
Yeah, it's certainly broken. I know about the set screw - it's still there, but the metal piece that the plastic knob and set screw attach to comes off and it's inside the plastic knob. From what I can tell it looks like the guy basically just unscrewed the whole knob (counterclockwise) like it was a normal stem cap, which then broke the clip that held it together. It now just spins freely and comes off - it's supposed to have clicks or notches as you turn and adjust. I still can't post links, but i you add "https" in front of this, maybe you can see what I mean - //imgur.com/a/PKvZio5

It will likely have to be replaced - I'm most upset that they basically broke my less than one month old bike.
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