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Originally Posted by Badger6 View Post
I've got bad news for you...when the set screw is loosened, the cap slips right off, and there is no metal piece inside the cap. I haven't done any disassembly beyond taking the cap off (in preparation for also charing my stem and bars this week). What I'm wondering is what the top of your FS cartridge looks like? Because that piece inside the rotary knob appears to be the top of the FS Cartridge.

Based on your post, it would appear that the fitting work was done at a shop that is not a Specialized dealer. Is that correct? I'd notify them Monday morning that it appears that their mechanic and/or fitter may have damaged the FS cartridge when they swapped the stems. They'll likely hem, haw, and deny....whatever. Then take the bike to a Specialized dealer, get it diagnosed. If there are costs to you associated with the repair/replacement of the cartridge, I hope the shop that did this will stand behind their work and reimburse any costs they've caused you.

I'm sorry for you, man, this sucks. The upside is that this is fixable...but, now it's a potential ball ache to get it rideable again.
Yep, that metal knob is the top of the FS Cartridge - totally what that piece is - and it should be attached to the cartridge, not coming apart like it does now. The shop that did the work seems pretty up and up and high end, so we'll see how they handle this. At the end of the day as long as I can get it fixed, even if I'm out some cash, it shouldn't be too costly. I just hope they can get the parts fairly quick - everything seems to be in such short supply!
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