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Any wheel that uses fewer than 28 spokes is exotic. Any wheel that uses bladed spokes is exotic. Any wheel that uses straight-pull spokes is exotic.

Here's my beta for dishing wheels.
  1. Loosen all the spokes on the tight side, that is, the side you want to pull the rim away from. Start and finish at the valve hole. Loosen by a consistent amount, like one full turn.
  2. Tighten all the spokes on the loose side (opposite of the tight side). Tighten by a consistent amount, like 1/2 turn. You don't want to fully tension the wheel yet.
  3. Do a "rough" truing. That means true out hops, flats, and large lateral deviations, as you tension the wheel.
  4. Detension wheel.
  5. Check the dish and trueness.
  6. Repeat as necessary.
  7. Do a final truing and tensioning.
Things to remember about exotic wheels. Low spoke count means be careful. Work gradually. Don't pull or release too much tension at once. Straight pull spokes might twist where they're anchored in the hub. Find a way to hold them. Bladed spokes tend to twist longitudinally as you twist the nipple. Use a tool to grip the spoke.

And yes, by the way that rim is distorted at the nipple hole in the second photo, I'd say it is toast.

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