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Originally Posted by solomondd View Post
Yeh, I know this is an old post, but was wondering if you found a buyer for that Bicentennial Bike. Knowing the way things have been the last several years, I was thinking you may have not found a buyer. My biggest question are where in Kansas are you if you are in my vicinity at all. I did a search to locate information here around Marion County, KS. For me that year bike has a special meaning. My cousin had one when we were younger, and I borrowed it to ride in a school Fund Raiser Day. Back around 1977 there was a guy going around to small town america and selling a School Fund Raising Idea. That idea was for students to participate in certain activities like Bike Riding, Bowling, Etc. to make money. The contract with the school was that they would make all the money they needed for the year, but they couldn't have any kind of fund raiser the rest of the year. Are school band was big into selling fruit around the fall and that was allowed. What ended up happening is that the contract gave more money to the person that setup the contract and the school didn't want to participate with it after that. I think it was approved by the school board. Personal health was a big thing and even found Arnold Schwarzenegger later on becoming the governor of California and leading kdis to a healthy work out. It was far off from being like Jack LaLanne on Public tv. Anyway that is why the bike has special meaning to me, and since I am older now, wanted to kind of put some of the things up from my past. Unfortunately my cousin isn't with us anymore. Thanks in Advance. David DWayne Solomon.
Corvairman hasnít posted since he posted this so youíre not likely to ever get an answer.
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