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Originally Posted by Troul View Post
imagine if vehicles never improved upon the suspension design from the 50s & 60s. Ball joint life would be about an oil change internal nowadays. I still think bicycle suspension forks should not be so craptastic nor cost so much for the "upgrade". Especially the split suspension forks. They way as much as a 1950s Buick.

You obviously donít mess around with high performance equipment much. Thereís a whole spectrum of cost/ durability/ performance to pick from.
Stuff designed to be low cost, and durable isnít really high performance.
On the flip side, really high performance (ie; ďRaceĒ level) typically is both expensive, and requires regular service to keep operating at that level.

The FutureShock is more on the performance end of things. If you want super low maintenance, get a Redshift.

You want high performance, and extreme durability? Itís going to be really, really expensive;
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