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Originally Posted by Troul View Post
You are assuming wrong.
My ref is IAW OEM provided products. If I had to immediately go out & upgrade to an aftermarket product, knowingly the OEM item is majorly flawed before riding it, I'd go to a different OEM entirely.
How is it ‘majorly flawed?’ Because it has a service interval? Making a sophisticated lightweight, responsive bike suspension system *for a reasonable cost* is going to require giving up something somewhere.
If you want it to be ‘eternally maintenance-free’ it’s either going to be super-basic, or super-expensive.

I would posit that, if you want light weight, high performance, then increased maintenance is going to be the cost.

If you want to compare industries, I’m in deepwater oil production. The equipment out here is massively strong, massively expensive, and absolutely cannot fail. Each campaign requires hundreds of hours of testing and preventative maintenance before any asset goes in the water. The main seals on the docking collar are $10k, 100 lb Inconel rings that are good for exactly one use.

So, a once-a-year service on your bikes’ suspension doesn’t seem too unreasonable
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