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Originally Posted by Bald Paul View Post
That was precisely the point of my post. Here, let me recap for you - My friend, new to cycling, asked me to join him on the ride, thinking a 20 mile ride would be geared towards newer riders. Had the route been made available beforehand, we would not have participated. Is this such a difficult concept to read and comprehend?
You aren't providing enough information about the rather unusual situation for people here to evaluate it.

Originally Posted by Bald Paul View Post
p.s.: here's another example of a local ride elevation chart from RWGPS. No, I didn't sign up for this one.

It doesn't look like a screen shot from RWGPS.

Was this one of the rides at the event?

These events are open to the public. How hard is it to provide a link to the webpage for the event?

Originally Posted by Bald Paul View Post
NOTE: section in italics edited to clarify for those conceptually challenged

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