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Originally Posted by njkayaker View Post
You aren't providing enough information about the rather unusual situation for people here to evaluate it.


It doesn't look like a screen shot from RWGPS.

Was this one of the rides at the event?

These events are open to the public. How hard is it to provide a link to the webpage for the event?

I'm going to humor you one more time before you go on my IGNORE list. (Feel free to do the same to me.)
Here's more information:
The route was a loop. There were left and right turns interspersed with straight sections of road. The surface was asphalt in reasonably good shape. I consumed approximately 21.3 oz of water during the ride. Tires were inflated to approximately 90 PSI. Now, punch all that into your supercomputer to determine if, IN GENERAL, you would prefer being able to preview the route before deciding to ride it.
Look at a route on RWGPS. Click the GRADE tab at the bottom. Expand the area you want to look at in detail. See? It really is a screenshot! No, the grade example posted was a local ride where the route WAS provided on RWGPS, and after looking at it, I decided NOT to attempt it.
It's extremely difficult to provide a link to the webpage for an event that occurred several years ago, and was advertised via a flyer posted in the LBS.

Now, I'm not answering any more questions until my lawyer arrives.
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