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Originally Posted by UCantTouchThis View Post
The new rings are much thicker, a little smaller but fit fine on my stem. The plastice mount and rubber gasket are pretty much exact like Garmin. I got a plastic HB mount that extends forward, cool I always wanted to try one of those but not sure if I wanted one for $50 as I'd go for alum version. I have the little rubber protective outside case on the unit so looks slightly bigger. I'm happy with it. Excuse my bike room pics, won't actually go on the road till tonight.
Thanks a lot. I watched a video review and the guy said the backlight stays on from 6-9am and you can't turn it off. I thought that was odd because it will drain the battery. It seems like it would make it hard to see the screen when the sun it up. Do you have an issue with that?

And on another subject, I wonder if companies will start making gps's that are super thin like cell phones are today. I'm sure they will. The one thing about gps's I don't like are that they're so boxy.
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