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BigSourcEMerCkx Eddy Merckx (Meise) steel road frame


Eddy merckx was born and some time later he got on a bike

Then he changed clothes and bikes for a while and rode a lot

Then he got off and put his bike up against a wall

Then he got in the car, but it wasn't interesting

Then he played ball for a while, but it wasn't interesting

Then Ugo De Rosa made an inception and it got very interesting

Then with the help of his friends, family and the Almighty (in any order), the best bicycle factory in the world was built

...of which he became the proud owner

Then he put his cycling career into perspective

Then it turned out that he had a lot of fun all his life - by the way, he gave a lot of fun to many people

Then it turned out that me too - this is an attempt at a rematch
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