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Originally Posted by Lazyass View Post
And on another subject, I wonder if companies will start making gps's that are super thin like cell phones are today. I'm sure they will. The one thing about gps's I don't like are that they're so boxy.
Not likely or not anytime soon. Physics doesn't really allow it.

Many complain that the Garmin 1030 is too big due to it's big screen.

You need volume for the battery. A thinner 1030 would need a bigger screen.

The Karoo 1 is quite large (as far as cycling computers go). The Karoo 2 is a "more reasonable" size but he battery life is significantly worse.

People also want the things at a reasonable cost.

There's a trade off for size, thinness, battery life, and cost. Thinness is the least important, by far, of the four.
People complain that phone batteries don't last long enough. One reason for that is because manufactures favor making them thinner.
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