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systEMerCkx 02 EMMS Steering tube

The markings on the steering tube were used at the same time as the EMMB markings
The markings were either stamped in metal or written on a card attached to the ST


Serial number - used in all early EMC (1980 and maybe 1981), in non-standard frames due to geometry (Criterium - always with CX designation) or tubes (e.g. in Reynolds 753)


Size - sometimes size shown on BB cover differs from steering tube (never by more than 1)


EMC man" code - most often different than on BB cover


Reynolds designation


Like EMMS04 and size and confirmation that it is Reynolds 531


Designations: D - EMC man, 7 - size, bird - Columbus

"Card" markings (priceless note: all these letters and numbers were written by Eddy Merckx - confirmed by graphological analysis done.... unfortunately by me - must suffice)


- E.1186: serial number always written with a dot after the series letter
- chrome or chromi: information on the way of chrome plating
- + attachi ? GB: information about adding "eyelets" over forkouts
- 60: frame size
- kc: meaning unspecified, in all likelihood it is a tube and/or geometry designation


- E.7477: number with a dot
- Bl83: frame color Blue1983
- 60: frame size
- NR: ? but frame made of Reynolds 531


- Z.2448: known
- FA: FAEMA paint code
- 2 pattern chrome: 2 way of chrome plating the frame
- 58: frame size
- kc: ? frame built with SLX/SPX


- Z.5233
- 31: meaning unclear - probably a paint code
- 2p. chromi: known
- 55: frame size
- 753: yes, frame built with Reynolds 753
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