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Originally Posted by Happy Feet View Post
I also don't see this as a "long ride" bike. Well, not a fast one anyways. I could see it doing a tour where one was taking their time and sightseeing etc... At the moment it's a somewhat redundant bike for me as I have both a road/gravel touring bike and an off road touring bike. But, I like to build them.

I might list it just to see if it sells, though I hate the process of selling stuff these days.
Nine years ago a neighbor had a garage sale, was planning to sell the house and move. His kids had moved out of the house a decade earlier, they left their bikes in the back yard. He decided he was tired of picking up after them, the bikes stayed in the back yard. Fast forward a decade and the bikes were still in the yard and he wanted $5 USD for each. I bought the early 90s Bridgestone MB-6 and he cut down the 5 cm diameter tree that was growing up through the frame. Stripped the parts off, took two days to get the bottom bracket out. Did a thorough frame saver treatment on the frame innards. It needed about $50 in new stuff, mostly the plastic and rubber stuff (tires, rim strips, tubes, bar grips, saddle, chain, some cables, new bottom bracket) and it became my errand bike. I leave it outside on my patio where it is handy for a quick run to the grocery store or gym. I rarely ride it more than 5 miles in one trip, but it is my go to bike for most errands. Frame size is a bit small for me but for short distance errands, fit is less important. It is not my best bike, but it is frequently ridden and was the best bargain I ever bought.

You might decide you have a need for that bike after all.
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