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Self-Supported Century with Garmin Smart Drink/Eat

Background: I'm a 53 year old technically obese man that just happens to put anywhere from 125-180 miles in on a given week.

Bike- T-Lab X3
Computer- Garmin Edge 1030
Power Meter - Stages Left Crank (Shimano GRX)
Hydration Gear - 2 28 oz water bottles 1-Osprey Syncro 12 w/3 liter reservoir (also all tools, and repair gear for tires broken chain, etc.)
Extra compartments - Eliel Handlebar bag, Zipp Top Tube Bag
Cook Book: https://feedzonecookbook.com/portables/

I managed to get a day off on April 30th "to look after your own wellness". Since my wellness is Cycling I decided that I was going to do a self-supported Century (100 mile) as it would do wonders for my well being.

I did one last year too and despite my best effort and be mindful of eating and drinking, I didn't do so hot and I was just wiped out afterwards. Obviously I was going to have to change something if I wanted a different outcome.

I had some hydration issues earlier this calendar year. I'd finish a ride and my wife would say my lips are discolored plus even long after my shower my heart rate was higher than it should have been. Polishing off a liter of electrolyte seemed to address both issues pretty quickly.

I had been experimenting with Garmin Smart Drink/Smart Eat reminders on my Edge 1030 (I think it's on the 830 as well) and they had been helping with the dehydration issue and weren't too naggy on the eat reminders.

The short version of the plan was to pack a lot of food and liquid and obey every eat and drink prompt I got.

I knew what I was bringing for water & electrolyte as I only have the two cages and my Osprey. The Smart Drink prompt is for 100 ml. For me that's about three swallows from either source. For prompts that were just drink I would drink from my pack, which has enough for 30 prompts. The 28 oz bottles are just over 800 ml, so between them it was another 16 prompts. How many prompts I was going to was going to depend on the temperature during the ride and my power output.

The hard part was how much food to bring. The Smart Eat is for 100 calories a pop. So it was how much of WHAT to bring. I ended up bringing the following

(From the Feed Zone Portable Book all calorie counts approx.
One Blueberry mini pie (190 cal)
One Apple mini-pie (200 cal)
One Sweet Potato & Rice cake (200 cal)
One Date & Almond Rice cake (210 cal)
One Sweet Potato & bacon rice cake (200 cal)
Four Pizza Rolls (80 cal)

Premade stuff
Eight gels of various brands all 100 cal each
Three Picky bars all 190 cal each
Two Rip Van Wafels 120 cal each

Gels went into the top tube pack, Wafels into the Osprey, picky bars into jersey pockets, one Rice cake in jersey pocket, the rest of the real food went into the bar bag.

Per the Garmin
105.1 Miles
6h 35 min
3,062 Calories Burned
1,500 Calories consumed
2,900 ml sweat loss (doesn't account for the bathroom stop)
3,500 ml Consumed (prompted)
5,500 ml actually consumed 3l pack, 3x 828 ml bottles plus a bit more.

How did I feel through out the ride and after it was over? Well I could have kept going if I hadn't almost drained my re-filled bottles. I felt fine afterwards.

The over all conclusion is that the drink and eat prompts did their job. I never felt dehydrated, actually found myself drinking more from the bottles when eating the real food as it helped wash down the rice cakes.

That's my first hand experience with Smart Drink/Eat. I planned to eat, packed more than enough to eat at every prompt and did a good job of sticking to it. Oh and I'm also still a water hog, but I knew that.
What I left with

What I returned with. Empties up top.
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