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Originally Posted by Happy Feet View Post
That basket thing gave me some grief at the time. It turned out I could not route the longer stays past the pannier racks.

Originally I built the bike as a gravel grinder so experimented with 1x. It worked and I added the small granny ring as a manual bailout (moving chain by hand). For touring I put the front derailer back on.
Basically it's 1x for normal use. I can shift down into granny but can't shift through the whole cassette because the chain wants to drop and the big ring cuts off the angle (the 42T is where a 32T was in the middle ring spot).

I'm still not entirely happy with the drivetrain. Ideally I want it 1x but also want the wide range needed for touring - without the cost of a rohloff.
Personaly I don't keep a FD on my bicycles either. There are very few times I've needed it in daily riding so leaving it on would just cause it to degade. I do put one on when going on a tour as it helps with the overall gearing. Using a 50/34 double right now, which works great for credit card touring. I might go for a triple if I ever get into longer touring in hilly areas.

Front arrangement: My new rack is an Origin 8 Rush Messenger. I didn't want to go with the traditional pannier racks as they block access to the wheel and brakes. The new rack has only has one strut that connected to the upper eyelet near the dropout, so wheel removal is easy. Its also easier to access the brakes. I've tried riding it with 20lbs load for 30 miles and didn't have much of a control problem with the higher center-of-gravity; not much, but still some. I think its going to work nicely for the lighter touring I like to do.
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