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Small ticks can be annoying... Tire molding "hairs" or "flash" can contact the pad edges, fenders and other close items and make noises. Valve base nuts can be loose and tick as the valve is wiggled by the tire casing shape deforming as it rotates across the contact patch with the ground. Rarely a tire casing internal threads can be heard as they wiggle against each other. Rim seams sometimes have a splice/wedge between the rim ends that can come loose (my touring bike's rear Mavic rim has this, as long as I ride faster then about 5mph it's quiet. But a steep hill and I hear it clacking about in the rim). Then there's the non wheel, sources like indexed shift casing that has steel end ferules. The casing wire strands can scrape and tick the ferule's insides as the handle bars are turned. More examples of sources exist. Andy
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