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Originally Posted by datlas View Post
Thanks for popping in. It's not often a company rep dares venture into an online discussion forum.
Honestly, the best solution is a private, civil discussion between you and the customer.
Well, I tried private, which was my first preference (though a case can also be made for sharing information I believe to be in the public interest). The record will show I've kept a civil tongue in my head. I also thank the poster upthread for popping in.

Whilst we won’t comment on individual cases
Standard opening boilerplate. Fair enough.

we would like to re-iterate our position on warranty to original owners.
Warranty in its current form…

If within the warranty period or lifespan of one of our frames we see evidence of manufacturing or material defects
So you'll be the ones judging your manufacturing prowess. Got it.

that has then caused a failure we will undertake a repair or offer a replacement.

It is important to realise that the expected life of a product is not always a quantifiable thing.
On this we can probably agree.

If a frame has had an especially tough life,
Here we go again. I realise you "wont comment on individual cases", but by commenting here, one may infer you are about to make implications about how I've treated my bike. Please do forgive me if that's an uncharitable reading.

been ridden hard, crashed, abused or used contrary to its intended use then its lifespan can be greatly reduced.
Goodness, just what do your other customers get up to with their bikes, I wonder? Do they use them as skydiving buddies? Ape Danny MacAskill and fail miserably? Hammer nails into boards with them? The mind boggles.

As for me, I rode seemingly endless loops (smaller with the pandemic of course) around my humble East Sussex home, taking great care not to crash or otherwise abuse it.

"Riding hard" is so subjective as to render the phrase almost meaningless, but I didn't do that, either. As one character witness has put it: "I know you to be a smooth, careful, rider. Me? I'm a large, heavy, clumsy lump, prone to go through, even cause, potholes rather than around them. I'm not up for "it's broken because CLEARLY you've been using it" type discussion with a boutique owner. If I want a work of art to hang on the wall I know artists whose work is much cheaper.

In these circumstances we will extend an offer under our crash replacement scheme
Yes: again, your current scheme. In any case, there was no crash.

and in certain cases we will go beyond this.
That's nice. Current evidence to the contrary.

We pride ourselves on our customer service and stand by our products.
Back to boilerplate.

Full terms and conditions can be found on our website.
Always important to read the fine print.
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