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NYC to Southern Maine riding/racing

Hey everyone,

I moved from Manhattan to Southern Maine (Greater Portland) two years ago. I was a longtime veteran of NYC area training rides like Gimbels, the Rocket Ride, the White Plains ride, etc, as well as racing at CP, Prospect Park, Floyd, etc, and have yet to find anything like that here. In fact, I hardly see any cyclists around here generally - I realize that the population density is a lot lower, but the number of cyclists on the road (commuters. delivery guys, racers, literally everyone) is just lower than I expected given how good the riding is. I haven't had a ton of time to get out on the road and train due to the move, career stuff, parenting, and covid, but hope to get training and racing again this year. Can someone tell me

a) where do the bike racers and bike racer-adjacent folks hang out?
b) I did hear of a Scarborough summer crit series, which I'm stoked to potentially participate in if I can get my fitness to where it needs to be. Any other racing in the area that folks are aware of?
c) why are there not more cyclists on the road in these parts? I've been buzzed by lifted trucks and Harleys on several solo rides, so am wondering if that presence of so many of those folks is a deterrent to the development of a road riding scene.

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