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Originally Posted by 3sicx13
I have a trek y-22 which I purchased used from ebay. It had quite mismatched parts, and was not in great condition, so I've been continually renovating it. Right now my point of concern is the front derailleur. While the current rear derailleur is sram ESP 9.0, the front is a shimano deore LX; all the shifters are sram. Should the front derailleur be sram as well, because of the 1:1 actuation ratio? Or does this rule only apply to the rear. If the rule does apply, are there sram front derailleurs that feature a top swing design and a clamp size of 34.9? What are my options?
What do you mean mismatched? Things are matched up quite well since all front derailleurs work on the same cable pull actuation ratio. SRAM front shifters work just fine with EVERY front derailleur.

Now hopefully, you have a grip shift on the left so you can take advantage of the "microclicks" that allow you to fine tune out chain rub on the fly.
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