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Originally Posted by fatchance
This is a great thread. Hi all, first post here

I have a Ross Signature 294S that I bought slightly used in 1985, pretty much all original except for the handlebar wrap and saddle. I think it's the 1984 model, but not certain. Nice bike with nearly full Campy Triomphe gruppo (Suntour freewheel). I know Ross offered at least one model above the 294S around that time. At some point I possessed the full 1985(?) Ross catalog, but sadly got rid of it. I did keep the 294S section, though - I scanned it in and will try attaching it here.
The bike you are thinking of could be the Signature Triad 508. Columbus SL and SP, and full Shimano "new" 600 (????). I currently own a 292S which I always thought was an 85, but the 85 catalog lists it as not being made from Ishiwata tubing, which it is. Maybe I have an 84 or 86. I love this bike and would love to have another, as this one is so stock and near perfect I don't have the heart to upgrade anything.

roccobike, let us know how the Koolstops work. I have the Shimano 105 brakes, and they seem to be good enough, but could use more oomph. Sometimes stopping is an exercise in planning more than anything else.
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