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Originally Posted by autonomy View Post
As you've discovered, there are a lot of great rural-ish roads in the western suburbs - which is what I'm most familiar with. Are you familiar with the Strava Heat Map? https://www.strava.com/heatmap#12.37...9/bluered/ride I think you'd be best served, if you're up for it, to look at popular places and try to string up your own routes.
If you're on the Minuteman, one great loop to do is go all the way to the end to Bedford, then hop on 225 west. Depending on how far you want to go, you can make all sorts of loops - go north to Maple St. then North Rd through Great Brook State Park to Curve St. then head south. Or you could stay on 225 west and make bigger and bigger loops the further west you go - River Rd/Monument st. first, then Concord st from Carlisle, or Bruce Freeman trail all of which will bring you to Concord. You could continue south from Concord - favorite ways to return are Baker Bridge to Trapelo or Glezen Ln. to Conant Rd.

Kind of off the top of my head the best bits of road are
- 225W from Bedford to Carlisle (except for the segment right after Concord River because the pavement is crap)
- North St through Great Brook (Curve St. is great too but the pavement has become awful in many places)
- Strawberry Hill Rd (Acton or Concord?) - very popular together with Pope Rd.
- Baker Bridge, Lincoln
- Sudbury Rd./Concord Rd. in Concord near the Nashawtuc Country Club
- Water Row in Sudbury
- Conant Rd

Some local clubs/organized rides I'm aware of - lots of these around and a lot of them post their routes
https://www.crw.org/ https://www.crw.org/route-collection-panel-page
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I'm fairly new to using strava (only started using it last year). The heat map looks like a useful tool to find routes! The way I've usually done it is by finding a destination and then google/street viewing my way there hah!

I've biked once out to Carlisle, taking 225, after taking the minuteman up to Bedford, and then down to Concord via Concord street. From what I remember I much preferred concord street due to the wider shoulder. But I'll have to check out those side roads off 225 you mentioned the next time I bike out there! In fact I'll have to check out all those routes and do more exploring up there!! I think I also heard of a farm/creamery that sells pretty good icecream out by Carlisle so that could be a nice pit stop!

I live in Jamaica Plain so I typically go south to the Blue Hills Reservation, but I love biking North on the minuteman during the fall and stopping in Bedford for a quick bite before continuing on the nice suburban roads.
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