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How to double the cost of your trike

There is something to be said for the simple 3X10 gearing already on your trike. You can get parts at most bike shops and if you need service they can do it. When you get into hubs like the ones I have used in the past (SRAM dual-drive and Schlumpf Mountain Drive) that gets a lot more iffy. Nobody that I could find in Las Vegas with a population of just under 2M is experienced in their repair. I had to do it myself.

You can use a gear range calculator to compare the range for any combination of gears. I like either Sheldon Brown or Mike Sherman's calculators. Your new trike has a gear range of 25.5 to 123.5. That's a little narrower than my Catrike 700 with a gear range of 20.9 to 124.2 using the same calculator. I ride mostly in the middle range and almost never use the lowest gears on the trike.

If you look up the current cost for just the hub unit for the Rohloff 14 speed it costs right around $1,500 to 1,600 depending on the source. Then you need to add to cost of rebuilding the rear wheel with new spokes. Add it up and you have darn near doubled the cost of the trike. Most new riders have a hard time with the hills until they develop the muscles needed to propel a trike. It's somewhat different from what you use on a DF bike. Give it a chance and you may save a bundle.

I've read a few posts on people who bought a Performer trike. About the only negative comment I remember is that it takes a bit of mechanical knowledge to assemble the trike. Having assembled two trikes myself from a frame and components I can agree with that. It's nice to be able to check and adjust the toe-in for example. It's a critical setting for getting the most mileage out of your tires and when set right makes the trike easier to pedal.
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